3 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid if You Have Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can be quite the inconvenience. Because your skin reacts to every little thing, whether it’s changes in the weather to certain chemicals, it can be difficult to put together an effective skincare routine.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it’s difficult to figure out what’s going to sting, burn, itch, or cause redness. It’s mostly a game of trial-and-error, which ultimately can lead to plenty of unnecessary purchases and your sink cluttered with products you can’t even use.

Lessen the hassle and put together a skincare routine that works for you by avoiding these mistakes:

Not checking the ingredients
Buying skincare products when you have sensitive skin can be a tricky affair, especially when you don’t know what triggers your flare-ups. Fortunately, there is a way to narrow it down. Simply scanning the ingredients list of any product you’re planning on buying can go a long way towards determining whether it’s safe for you.

In general, you’ll want to stick to skin care products that do not contain any harsh chemicals or ingredients. Here’s a short list of what to steer clear of:

➔ Parabens
◆ Often included in products as a preservative and to prevent the growth of bacteria, parabens mimic estrogen and can wreak havoc on your hormone levels.

➔ Sulfates
◆ Sulfates are cleansing agents, and are commonly found in shampoos and body washes. They can strip your skin of its natural moisture, triggering flare-ups and irritation.

➔ Formaldehyde
◆ Since having been classified as a carcinogen, the use of formaldehyde in skincare products has become much less common. However, it has since been replaced with other chemicals that release formaldehyde. You can learn more about formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives here; steer clear of them.

➔ Harsh exfoliators
◆ Gentle is the name of the game when you have sensitive skin. Some chemical exfoliators, such as glycolic acid, may be too harsh for you. The same goes for physical exfoliants, even if they’re made out of natural ingredients such as fruit or nut shells. These can cause micro-tearing and irritate your skin.

Using scented skincare products
Usually indicated by the term “fragrance” or “parfum” on an ingredient list, any kind of synthetic scent can cause irritation or trigger an allergic reaction. That’s why it’s the one thing you need to avoid when you’re shopping for skincare products.

Instead, stick to products that are free of synthetic fragrances, such as a fragrance-free face serum from Organic Cosmetica. They’re made with 100% natural ingredients and are safe for those with allergies and sensitivities.

The Everything Face & Eye Anti-Aging HA fragrance-free serum, in particular, is an excellent all-rounder that promotes even skin tone while fighting signs of skin aging. It’s packed with natural ingredients that your skin will love, such as vegan hyaluronic acid, vegan ceramides, vegan collagen, and much more. Their Fresh Face Organic Age-Defying oil serum is another great choice. It contains organic açai, as well as vitamins A, C, and E obtained from natural sources.

Using too many products
There’s no beating around the bush here: the more products you use on your skin, the greater the number of ingredients you’re subjecting your skin to. This, ultimately, increases the chances of one of them triggering a flare-up.

In addition to keeping your skincare routine gentle, you’ll also want to pare down the number of products you use to the bare minimum. Fortunately, you don’t need to use 15 products to have great skin at all! Go for products that work for you, and keep an eye out for ones that perform multiple functions.

When choosing products for your sensitive skin, you can’t go wrong with Organic Cosmetica. Visit their page now.

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