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A Brief Look at the History of Tassels in Fashion and Jewelry

Tassels have had a long history and use in many different cultures around the world. When it comes to jewelry and accessories, tassels have been fashioned using various materials—some heavy, some light. It’s a design that has crossed cultures numerous times, and one that continues to be adorned and used even to this day.

By Fabrizio Design’s pearl tassel earrings, for example, are inspired by Fabrizio Sassano’s own heritage and culture as an Italo-Venezuelan jewelry designer. Using timeless freshwater pearls paired with beautiful and colorful tassels, his designs are delicately handcrafted with an artisan’s touch. Like many tasseled jewelry before his, Sassano’s designs are a testament to the elegance and sophistication that comes with tassels.

Tassels in Egypt & Mesopotamia
Thousands of years in the past, in the cradle of civilization, tassels were an important part of ancient man’s dresses. Worn as amulets on headdresses, tassels were perceived to be able to protect the wearer from evil spirits.

Tassels in Europe
In Europe, tassels were an accessory that indicated status. In the 16th and 17th centuries, for example, tassels were made with a variety of silk, linen, wool, and precious metallic threads. They were attached to religious garments and military uniforms, as well as pillows, carriages, and draperies. The creation of a single tassel usually took weeks because of the detail and care that went into its construction.

Tassels in the Hebrew Bible
Interestingly, tassels also made their way into the Hebrew Bible. In Numbers 15: 37-40, specifically, the Lord told Moses to instruct the Israelites on the creation of tassels. These tassels would then be attached to the corners of their garments as a way to help them remember and keep all of God’s commandments. Today, in the Catholic Church, tassels are used to indicate hierarchy between members of the clergy.

Are Tassels Earrings Still in Style?
Tassel earrings are still very much in style even today. Most designs that make use of tassels are often bright and lightweight. Their length varies from one to six inches long, depending on the wearer’s preferences. Their being generally lightweight makes them easy to wear, and their dangling and hanging nature definitely makes them stand out.

The Right Way to Wear Tassel Earrings
Tassel earrings, whether they’re the pearl tassel earrings by Fabrizio Sassano, or one of the softer and more lightweight designs out there, are meant to draw attention to your face and neck. That’s why it’s also important to consider what to wear together with your tassel earrings. Pulling your hair back or tying it helps emphasize those tassel earrings, especially when they contrast with your dress and the color of your skin.

If you’re going for a more romantic look, then wearing your pearl tassel earrings with a long dress or an off-shoulder top helps emphasize your neck and shoulders a bit more.

Wearing them together with neutral and monochrome outfits also works well, especially if you own one of Fabrizio’s pearl tassel earrings. Many of his pieces are designed with that pop of color that brings out the beauty and elegance of the pearls and draws attention.

His tassel earrings with the gold-plated starfish, for example, even add that extra shimmer. Your earrings won’t just sway and dance each time you turn your head. They’ll also be sparkling and dazzling every onlooker whose eyes glance your way.

Flashy, Fancy, and Flirty, Tassel Earrings Are the Perfect Accessory
With the rich and long history behind tassels, and how they were often viewed as a symbol of status throughout various cultures, it’s easy to see why they continue to remain popular and in style even with today’s modern woman.

However, if you’re looking for pearl tassel earrings that not only have that elegant and classic look, but were also handcrafted by a master jewelry designer, then definitely check out the pearl tassel earrings By Fabrizio Designs. Simply visit their website to see some of their breathtaking pieces online.

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