AestheticsPro EMR vs ChartLogic | Which is the Best EMR for You? 

AestheticsPro EMR and ChartLogic are two ways to store patient information so it is easy to find and use. This is important in healthcare as it helps providers give better care to patients. AestheticsPro Online EMR is easier to use, so you can put it into action more than ChartLogic EHR. This means that hospitals, clinics, and practices can start using it sooner and get more value from it. The efficient management of patient information leads to better patient care. 

AestheticsPro EMR  

AestheticsPro EMR helps you run your medical spa better. It is a cloud-based solution. It offers staff and calendar management, client management, point-of-sale, and powerful marketing tools. AestheticsPro is easy to use and it keeps your client’s data safe (HIPAA compliant). AestheticsPro makes running your business easier. It does this by giving you greater control over processes. Moreover, the platform provides powerful reporting capabilities with insights into your customers’ behavior. This helps ensure that every customer gets the best possible service. 

AestheticsPro EMR Key Features 

Reporting & Insights 

This tool enables you to generate comprehensive reports. It helps users to better understand their operations, clients, and locations. You can pull data based on search criteria- such as location, and date range- and view it in visual form. Moreover, you can export the data into MS Excel for further inspection or processing. 

Reputation & Review Management 

This feature enables medical spa industries to make their customers happy. It has a lot of features. This includes online landing pages and an online booker. It helps professionals collect reviews from customers and manage their websites. AestheticsPro EMR also has several other tools that help with customer relations and loyalty. 

Client Management 

The AestheticsPro software makes it easy to manage all your clients in one place. The client management system allows you to access important data. This includes client e-records, notes, photos, and invoices. This lets you keep track of every detail related to your client’s history with AestheticsPro. The Client Management functions enable a smooth running of any business. 

AestheticsPro EMR Demo 

AestheticsPro software has a free EMR demo that lets people try it before they buy it. This way, people can see if they like how it works and if it does everything they need. Thereby, people can make sure they get what they want before they spend any money. 

AestheticsPro EMR Pricing 

AestheticsPro software offers three different pricing strategies. Each of them has unique requirements and specifications to accommodate the users’ needs. A Solo Provider package costs $125 a month. The Enterprise Package is $185 monthly and the Enterprise Plus bundle has a price tag of $245 per month. To get more information on AestheticsPro EMR Pricing, visit their official website. 

AestheticsPro Ehr Reviews 

AestheticsPro EMR has received rave reviews, from several satisfied clients. The software has positive review. It has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars on SoftwareAdvice and 4.3 on GetApp. A rating so high speaks volumes to the reliability of AestheticsPro EMR’s application. 

Chartlogic EHR Software 

ChartLogic EHR Software helps make things better for medical practices. It does this by making it easier to do things. This includes managing patients, prescribing medicine, and engaging with other healthcare providers. ChartLogic is also easy to use, so it won’t be hard for your staff to learn how to use it. Also, it integrates with other software programs. This helps you make your healthcare organization more efficient. 

ChartLogic EHR Key Features 

Patient Information  

The patient information tool is very helpful for healthcare providers. It stores a patient’s demographic and health history in one place, so it is easy to access their details. This feature allows medical providers to retrieve essential patient information. Thereby, they can make informed decisions that put the patient first. 

Voice Dictation 

Chartlogic EHR Software helps clinicians and healthcare administrators capture important clinical information. They can use PrecisionVoice technology to take notes. Thus, users do not have to type notes on a keyboard or write them down with a pen or pencil. This allows users to work faster while also making sure that all data is captured in real time.  

Patient Tracker 

The patient-tracker feature helps you keep track of your patients. You can use it to see how long they have been waiting. Moreover, it also allows you to check the treatment process updates. This is a helpful tool that provides quality care to the patients. 

ChartLogic EHR Demo 

The ChartLogic EMR demo version is available on its website. The demo lets people try the software before they buy it. Thereby, people can ensure that ChartLogic meets their requirements. If they don’t like it, they can switch to another application. 

ChartLogic EHR Pricing 

ChartLogic EHR Software is an effective and reliable way to manage patient records but it can be hard to determine how much ChartLogic pricing would cost. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the size and scope of your practice. The only way to get accurate ChartLogic pricing is by filling out an online form on the company’s official website. This form will allow ChartLogic to evaluate your needs more carefully and provide you with a customized quote. Not only that, but ChartLogic also provides helpful advisors who can answer any questions you have about their EHR software setup or pricing. 

ChartLogic EHR Reviews 

ChartLogic EHR Software has a high rating from its customers.  Moreover, the application has a 4.0 rating out of 5 stars on SoftwareAdvice and GetApp. ChartLogic boasts a positive user satisfaction rating amongst its users. 


It is ultimately up to you to decide which system works best for you and your business. Consider your size, budget, and preference for aesthetics or functionality. Weigh the pros and cons of each system to decide which one best fulfills all of your needs. Both AestheticsPro EMR and ChartLogic have their advantages and disadvantages, making it difficult to assess definitively which is the ‘best’ solution. Ultimately, if you’ve practiced due diligence in researching the options that are available to you, you can feel confident in making an informed choice. AestheticsPro EMR vs ChartLogic – the decision is yours! Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough insight into both products for you to make a well-informed selection about which medical software system works best for your practice. 

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