All About Alberta Land Surveyors in Calgary

Homeowners, banks, architects, civil engineers, real estate agents, land developers, all rely heavily on the services of a land surveyor. Accurate Real Property Reports (RPR) and other documents prepared by surveyors serve as base material for further decisions taken by all of these parties in the land development process.

This makes it extremely important to be assured of the authenticity and suitability of their surveying services rendered. Still wondering why it is that important?

What If The Land Surveyor Does Not Perform His Duty Correctly?
Ever wondered what if the land surveyor did not produce the correct RPRs or other documents? What if the assessments and surveys conducted go wrong?

It is bound to result in disputes with neighbours over adjacent walls and shared bylanes. Further, there can be legal issues with encroachments too. Municipalities can charge you against non-adherence of local bylaws and regulations.

No one wants to get into this financial and legal trouble. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to check on your prospective land surveyors in Calgary and their associations.

Well, the great news is that all the recognized land surveyors (individuals as well as companies) come under the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA).

Now, let us have a look at what is ALSA? And what does it do?

Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA)
ALSA is a regulatory body managing the practice of land surveying in Alberta. The association holds the interests of all parties and stakeholders in the land development sphere. Rest assured, a land surveyor working under ALSA will serve the true interests of their clients.

A land surveyor recognized and licensed under ALSA assures clients of high quality equipment, the latest technologies, legal adherence, and appropriate service delivery.

What does ALSA do?
1. It is the deciding body for those who can and who cannot become a land surveyor in Alberta.

2. It serves as a guiding authority for land surveyors’ professional and ethical conduct.

3. This ensures that all Alberta land surveyors perform competitively in the interests of the people.

4. It acts as an investigative body in case of any complaints against the land surveyors or land survey companies.

5. It encourages learning and development in the field of land surveying.

Who is an Alberta Land Surveyor in Calgary?
According to the Alberta’s Land Surveyors Act, only a registered land surveyor with the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA) can practise as an ‘Alberta Land Surveyor’.

Any land surveyor who is not registered with ALSA is limited to fieldwork only in tasks relating to supervision, direction and control.

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