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The Game Awards 2022 have wrapped up, revealing some of the most exciting titles for gaming PCs coming out in 2023. Here are some of the best games to pre-order on PC today!

Hell Boy: Web of Wyrd
This violent Hell Boy video game has a cel-shaded style inspired by the comics. The preview showed the anti-hero taking on a very creepy beast in a very dark environment, using his fists to pummel it. The game is coming for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. No release date was given at the time of the reveal.

Street Fighter 6
The release date for this highly anticipated fighting game was revealed at the Game Awards. We now know it’s coming June 26, 2023. It looks extremely polished and intense, with classic characters and new fighters clashing on colorful, dynamic stages.

Hades II
No gamer could get enough of Hades in 2020. Now, the popular rogue-like game is finally getting a sequel. It stars the princess of the underworld, Melinoe, inspired by Greek mythology. Teen Patti Master Apk Developers have promised a “bigger” and “deeper” mythical world this time around, with Chronos, the Titan of Time, and Hades’ father, as the villain. The gameplay is still a mystery but players are expecting more Hades action on PC sometime in 2023.

Death Stranding 2
Hideo Kojima announced Death Stranding 2, sharing a teaser trailer that has left us with more questions than answers. Once again, it features a baby. But the overall plot is unclear. It looks dark and twisted yet again, and is bringing back Norman Reedus and Lea Seydoux to explore more deep concepts.

Diablo 4
After the questionable release of the microtransaction-heavy Diablo Immortal, Blizzard has redeemed itself on the Diablo front with this latest announcement. Diablo 4 will be coming June 6, 2023 after a lot of delays. Diablo 4 appears to take place in Hell many years after the previous title. Cultists have summoned the main antagonist and daughter of Mephisto, Lilith, leading to a violent clash.

Crash Team Rumble
Crash Bandicoot fans are rejoicing at the announcement of this light-hearted multiplayer game featuring the classic franchise’s many characters. The game will have two teams of four fighting to score points and block their opponent’s goal area, a classic game that’s been jazzed up with Crash references and style. This game has been hinted at for a while, so it was exciting to see Crash himself deliver the message at the Game Awards.

Armored Core: Fires of Rubicon 6
This dramatic sci-fi title comes from developer From Software, the creators of Elden Ring. This franchise hasn’t had a new game since Armored Core: Verdict Day, which was back in 2013. This was an unexpected but exciting announcement after Elden Ring’s big year. The teaser trailer was visually stunning and full of mech action.

Tekken 8
Fighting game enthusiasts got to see the first-ever look at Tekken 8’s gameplay. Popular fighters are back, ready to bring their unique fighting styles to Tekken’s many exciting locations. The lore, voice lines, and fighting looks just as intense as ever.

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