BigCommerce Development Projects to Transform Your Website in 2023

BigCommerce is a highly capable platform out of the box. It’s compatible with a wide range of free and premium themes, is SEO-friendly, and has a relatively open API, making most integrations with 3rd party apps seamless.

It also, as a SaaS platform, offers high uptime, speeds, security, and plenty of other functionality.

But the BigCommerce platform could be better, especially with the help of seasoned BigCommerce developers. Here are some of the trends for 2023 to keep in mind to bring a BigCommerce website into the modern era.

Personalized Marketing
What does personalized marketing have to do with BigCommerce developers? Well, as you are going to find, implementing some personalized marketing strategies requires integration and technical experience, which marketers sometimes lack.

Be that as it may, some trends to look out for include video targeting, customized deals and discounts, and product recommendations.

While keyword research, content development, and other creative deliverables might not fall in a BigCommerce developer’s wheelhouse, implementation certainly does.

That’s actually one of the prime reasons it’s a good idea to work with a developer who works cross-functionally or inter-departmentally with digital marketing experts. Often these two aspects of success in eCommerce are fundamentally and inextricably linked.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Custom Apps
This is another component of digital marketing and the overall online shopping experience but it is one that is more directly intertwined with development, specifically.

Suppose you sell clothes. Customers want to try them on, right? Perhaps you sell furniture. It would be nice if your customers could see what your wares would look like in their home’s interiors, would it not?

Traditionally, in eCommerce, these concepts have been outside – far outside – the scope of reason. But AI and innovation have really changed the digital landscape, and with modern AR and VR tools, the online shopping experience has been radically transformed.

Digital tools are getting better and better at blurring the boundaries between digital and traditional shopping experiences.

There are a variety of AR and VR tools available to online merchants nowadays, many of which are compatible with BigCommerce, like ARize, LevAR, and Threekit, all of which a BigCommerce developer can install and configure for you.

But sometimes, the solution is a bespoke one and must be custom-coded. Fortunately, that is also something a developer can do for you.

Automation with Chatbots
Last but not least, one of the big trends in digital marketing and eCommerce operations that’s going to transform the digital landscape is how resources are allocated and scaled.

Increasingly, automation is defining eCommerce. The more efficient online merchants become at allocating their resources as needed and automating processes that do nothing but gobble up human capital, the more profitable they will become.

Whatever processes you can automate that will not detract from the customer experience will actually help your brand and facilitate the effective leverage of resources. Not to mention, if you don’t have to staff a call center 24/7 that will also have the effect of making your overall operation much more profitable.

A great way to do this is with chatbots. As AI improves (and it has improved, drastically) so have chatbots. Some are difficult to discern from real humans and are excellent at funneling customers to the right actual human resources, without wasting human capital and time in the process.

Saddle Up with a Team of Elite BigCommerce Developers
For those of you planning to make any big strategic changes to your BigCommerce websites to usher in a new era of prosperity in 2023, work with a team of Elite BigCommerce developers.

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