Clear Flat Poly Bags: Everything You Wanted to Know

Clear flat poly bags can carry a lot of utility and can be used for various packaging applications in numerous industries. 

We rounded up some of the most common questions on the web and have some answers. 

What Are Poly Bags? 
Poly bags, also known as PE bags, are made of polyethylene, a thermoplastic polymer of carbon and hydrogen. 

Poly is commercially available in a variety of forms based on density and physical properties. The three most common grades of PE are HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE.

HDPE, or high density polyethylene, is the densest form and is one of the strongest. It is commonly used to make milk jugs, poly lumber furniture and other forms of packaging. 

LDPE, or low density polyethylene, is a slightly lower density form and is more flexible than HDPE, even at low temperatures. It is commonly used to make poly bags. 

LLDPE, or linear low density polyethylene, is a form of LDPE that has higher tensile strength. It is also commonly used to produce plastic bags, but thanks to its superior flexibility, tensile strength, and puncture and tear resistance, it is commonly used to produce shrink wrap and other similar plastic packages. 

Are There Any Advantages to Clear Flat Poly Bags? 
There are numerous advantages to the use of clear flat poly bags, some of which are due to PE’s chemical and physical properties, and some of which are due to their design. 

Polyethylene is water-resistant, durable, tear and puncture-resistant, has excellent mechanical properties, including high flexibility and plasticity.
Often, 100% virgin PE can also potentially meet USDA and FDA requirements for direct food contact, so it can be used in the food service industry. It is also non-toxic and can easily be recycled.

Many flat plastic bags are also versatile in how they can be sealed; either with adhesives or fasteners like staples, or twist ties. Some can also be heat-sealed. 

Also, clear flat poly bags are clear and flat. This means it’s easy to see what’s in them, simplifying labeling, and they can lay flat in transit and storage, saving space and money.

What Is the Strongest Type of Poly Bag?
Typically, the grade of PE with the highest strength is HDPE. but there is more than one way to measure strength. 

Consider the flexibility and tensile strength of LDPE and LLDPE, both of which are comparable to or even exceed HDPE. This makes them superior in producing plastic bags, shrink wrap, and most other plastic packaging products.

What Can Clear Flat Poly Bags Be Used to Package?
Clear flat poly bags can be used to package materials in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to: 

● Foodstuffs, especially dry goods such as coffee, tea, cereals, beans, grains, flour and baking supplies, and candies. 

● Small office goods.

● Craft supplies. 

● Lightweight paper goods. 

● Small hardware and electrical components.

● Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. 

● Cosmetic products. 

● Heavier-duty clear flat poly bags can also be used to package heavier or sharper goods, such as tools.

● And much more. 

Are Poly Bags Safe?
While there has been some pushback from environmentalists because PE takes a long time to biodegrade, in terms of chemical composition, PE is usually considered safe. 

It does not release toxic fumes or chemicals into the environment as it breaks down, and is made only of carbon and hydrogen. 
This makes it superior to other forms of plastic such as those that contain polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, both of which contain potentially harmful chemicals. 

Where Can You Get Wholesale Clear Flat Poly Bags?
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