DIY Wall Decoration Ideas

Walls often start blank, making them the perfect canvas to really show off your aesthetic. If you want to really transform a room into your own style, a wall is an often overlooked element that can be used to instantly change a room’s vibe. Here are some of the best DIY wall decoration ideas to try out.

Hang Plants
An immediate mood booster, plants can make a space feel lively, natural, and inspirational. Plants are known to make you feel more creative, reduce negative energy, and even make your air cleaner. You can easily find planters and pots that are meant to hang on the wall, making your space feel alive.

Build Shelves
Shelving is another great way to really show your personality. You can create straightforward shelves that are long and rectangular or create various geometric shapes depending on your desired aesthetic. Shelves will let you display some of your most cherished items without the room looking cluttered.

Wall Murals
One of the best ways to transform an entire wall yourself is a wall mural. PixlScapes has quality murals that you can peel and stick, placing a pattern or image on one wall with minimal effort. They also offer custom murals so you can provide your own photographs or artwork. This will make the room feel like your own in a bold way.

Hang Posters
Movie posters or posters with your favorite anime characters or musicians can instantly make a room a shrine to your personality and interests. A man cave, office, or bedroom can really feel like your own special space when you are able to express yourself and pay homage to the things that make you happy.

Add a Pegboard
A pegboard is a cool way to really make your wall dynamic. You can hang to-do lists, hats, bags, and just about anything else on a pegboard. It’s a great way to save space and make your room feel creative and stylish.

If you place some mirrors with interesting frames that match your style on a wall, you can make a space look classy, elegant, and dynamic. Mirrors are also useful, allowing you to check out your outfit or see if there’s something stuck in your teeth before a meeting. Mirrors can also make your place look vintage and classy if you find antique ones!

Giant Map
If you went on a dream vacation or have a bucket list, you can feel inspired with a giant map. Have a giant map framed and hang it on your wall to remind you of your goals or your favorite travel memories. This is a great idea for an office or bedroom.

A kitchen wall can look artistic and bold with some colorful plates. Plates of different shapes, sizes, and designs can be hung on the kitchen or dining room wall to create a unique look that will have your guests thinking about high-end restaurants on an island.

Installing a giant chalkboard on your wall will allow you to change what’s on it whenever you want. Maybe you can put a to-do list on there, list off your goals for the week, or outline some dream plans with your partner. You can also create patterns and drawings that will make your space feel creative and fun.

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