Energy-Saving Tips You Can Implement Around the Home

While electricity may be one of the more sustainable forms of energy, much of the electricity in the world is still produced using fossil fuels. Moreover, homeowners who use more electricity than needed aren’t doing themselves any favors.

So we rounded up some of these electricity-saving tips. See if you can put some of these into practice today and start saving money.

Drop a Thermostat a Few Degrees and Change Your HVAC Filters
For those with electric heat, your thermostat is one of your main points of contact for cost savings. Both electrical resistance heating and electric heat pumps are veritable energy guzzlers.

Drop the temperature just a point or two, or consider dropping it a bit at night, and see how much you save.

Also, it’s also good practice to keep your home’s HVAC filter clean, which can boost system performance and efficiency by as much as 15%.

Upgrade to LED Lighting
LED lighting is much more efficient than incandescent lighting, with some estimates indicating it is as much as 75% more efficient. They’re also long-lived. Start switching out the aging incandescent and halogen bulbs in your house with LEDs.

This goes for your mood lighting and accent lighting, too. If you have a corner floor lamp that’s seen better days, when you upgrade it, go with something like an LED corner floor lamp from Atamin.com.

Unplug Devices and Chargers
Even when they’re not charging anything, chargers draw a little bit of power. It wastes pennies of electricity, but over time that adds up.

The same thing goes for common household appliances and devices, like computers and TVs. Turn them off when not in use, and if you don’t use them frequently, unplug them.

Put Seasonal Lights on Timers
‘Tis the season – not to waste electricity. Letting Christmas lights burn through the night is a straight waste of energy. Who’s in your living room at 3 AM appreciating your string lights? No one but the mice, if that, and it’s an expensive show.

If you have Christmas or other seasonal holiday lights up, consider putting them on timers.

Thaw Frozen Foods in the Fridge (Not the Counter)
The next time you get tomorrow’s dinner out of the freezer, thaw it in the fridge, not on the counter.

Yeah, yeah, it’ll take longer. But it will keep your home’s interior warmer and your fridge’s interior cooler, and you pay for both of those things, so it makes sense to get your money’s worth.

Keep Your Dryer Filter Clean (And Use the Power of the Towel)
Not only is it important to keep your dryer’s filter clean to prevent fire risk, but running a dryer with a clean filter will render it much more energy efficient.

Also, before you do a load of laundry, throw in a dry towel. It will help absorb moisture from the dryer and the whole process will become much more efficient.

Use a Low-Flow Shower Head
Finally, if you’re handy and can afford it, replace your shower head with a low-flow model. These are much more economical with water, so you can still enjoy a nice hot shower, but waste less hot water (and consequently, energy) doing so.

Start Saving Today
While some of these might be easier to put into practice than others, investing in a few LED lights, cleaning your dryer filter, or upgrading with an LED corner floor lamp can be both easy and affordable.

Put some of these practices into motion today and start saving energy today. Both your wallet and the environment will thank you.

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