Explain about the lap band surgery cost without insurance

Weight loss surgeries are also important for the majority of patients because being overweight can lead to serious health problems such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, bodily aches, depression, and even cancer. By undergoing bariatric surgery, such as Lap-Band surgery, a patient may be able to avoid these and other similar health issues in the future. 

During lap band surgery cost without insurance, also known as adjustable gastric banding, the surgeon fastens an adjustable belt at the stomach’s entry, directly where the esophagus connects to the stomach. The amount of food that may be comfortably consume is control by the stomach’s limite opening.

How much does having a lap band cost?

  • Lap band procedures typically cost between $12,000 and USD 25,000. 
  • In urban and populous places, particularly along the West and East coasts, the cost of weight loss surgery typically increases. 
  • For instance, a lap band operation costs about $12,500 in Baton Rouge, Houston, or Dallas, although the same procedure might cost up to $15,000 in Michigan and as much as $20,600 in Atlanta.

Is Insurance Coverage for Lap Band Surgery Available?

Lap band surgery may occasionally be cover by health insurance, although this depends on the specifics of each company’s plan. Whether or not you are cover by managed healthcare plans for government employees. Some fitness insurance policies may exclude any type of weight loss surgery. Some people will ask how much is lap band surgery without insurance is. 

In contrast, Medicare offers to pay for lap band surgery for individuals who have a BMI over 35 and have tried unsuccessful non-surgical weight loss therapy like calorie restriction and consistent exercise. For patients who also have at least one other co-morbidity related to being overweight, such as high blood pressure, cardiac issues, etc. Medicare will reimburse the cost of lap band surgery.

Even with insurance coverage, there are still several costs relate to lap band surgery that are typically not covered by insurance, such as coinsurance for surgery and the price of office visits. Federal employees, who have Blue Shield health insurance, are expect to pay about 10% of the plan’s allotment as well as US$100 for hospital admission costs.

How is the price of a lap band procedure determine?

Insurance providers who contribute to pay for bariatric operations like lap band surgery typically element in the cost of the following items, 

  • The price for using the hospital’s resources and hiring an anesthesiologist. 
  • Following bariatric lap band surgery, patients should have regular follow-up meetings with their surgeon or physician for the first year.
  • Even lifetime memberships in patient advocacy groups. 

Some of the additional expenses that you should verify are cover by insurance include, 

  • A part of the cost of a sleep study is to decide whether a patient has sleep problems. 
  • This makes it more comfortable for insurance firms to decide whether to pay for a certain patient’s weight loss surgery. 
  • Recall that a sleep analysis can cost up to a few hundred dollars as well.
  • Up to a few hundred dollars may be paid on technological vitamins and dinners.

The bottom lines 

For individuals without insurance, lap band surgery can go into the tens of thousands of dollars range. You have the option of taking out secured medical loans, personal loans, or enrolling in hospital payment plans, all of which greatly ease the strain of repayment, to lessen this huge amount.

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