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Like every other industry, there is a lot of importance of packaging in the medical as well. The reason is that a large number of medical products are quite delicate, due to which they need extra protection. Apart from that, another important reason is that you need to protect the contents, i.e., the medical items, from external contaminants. Mask Boxes are one very important item that has recently become a very fast-selling and popular product due to the pandemic situation in the world. So, like various other products, there are several considerations that you need to give to this medical item as well

Different Types of Paper Packaging Materials for Face Masks Boxes

The packaging materials offer the base for any retail packaging. When opting for paper packaging materials, you have many options for paper materials. These include kraft paper, corrugated, rigid paperboard, cardstock, and simple cardboard.

Kraft Paper

Kraft is processed with a blend of wood pulp and recycled fibers. That is compact paper with a rough texture, which is brown. Kraft boxes are inexpensive and offer an eco-friendly option for packaging sets. Kraft paper is especially resistant to heat and moisture. Thus, it can help make durable face mask packaging.


The corrugated materials comprised corrugated paper and fiberboard. These are formed by sandwiching a fluted sheet of paper between two thick layers of brown board, also known as a liner board.

We allow our clients to let us know their shipping needs, and we can customize the number of layers of the fluted material. Furthermore, we can change the size of the flutes to incorporate more toughness or better printability. This material is appropriate for sturdy face mask boxes used for shipping purposes.

Rigid Paperboard

Rigid paperboard is often used for luxurious face mask boxes. These boxes are sturdy and you can adjust them to any dimension. Moreover, they are safe for retail display. Company makes rigid paperboard using a combination of various paper materials. Furthermore, it is usually thicker than the other options. That makes it ideal for making custom Face Mask Packaging that can be stacked on top of each other.

However, one of the main advantages of rigid paperboard is that this material allows you to make custom face mask packaging that can enhance the perceived value of the products inside.


Cardstock is a beautiful material used in various face mask packaging options. It offers great printability and is best for creating custom face mask boxes with various cuts and shapes. Also, it allows you to make boxes with windows, so you can see the face masks inside without opening the box first.

The smooth, shiny cardstock surface allows you to make retail packaging that can be cleaned easily and makes the custom prints pop.


The simple cardboard material is a versatile option for packaging material. It is light in weight, easy to cut, and recyclable. Whether you want to make retail packaging for face masks or add cardboard packaging as a secondary source of protection during shipping and retail handling, this material can help you out.

Custom Boxes Wholesale

Packaging is the demand for this fast-moving modern business style. Every company, big or small, invests a percentage of its capital in packaging. There are many factors other than mere looks that you need to care for in a box.

The packaging options can be limited to the stock or styles, but the necessity of Custom Boxes Wholesale will not perish anytime soon. So, the question is, if this part is inevitable and companies require trusty packaging partners to fulfill this task appropriately, then why shouldn’t they try to learn some of the ins and outs of the business?

Remember That Size Matters

Custom packaging allows you to be creative, but you shouldn’t go overboard with selecting a package that won’t fit in your customer’s mailbox. Ideally, your packaging should still be economical. Therefore, you should create your custom packaging in four different sizes.

That way, you can accommodate customers who have mailboxes and those who don’t. Size matters when it comes to custom packaging. Try leveraging more convenient packaging styles instead of shipping your customers tiny, bulky, and awkward packages.

Keep It Simple

Custom packaging doesn’t have to be complex and multi-layered. Instead, strive to keep your packaging simple in terms of design. Remember – no one will value the shipping box. 

They’re most interested in receiving the product they’ve paid for. Therefore, don’t put too much stock into designing your custom packaging. Instead, you can decorate the package’s interior to surprise your customer and give them something to look forward to while opening their gift. If you can replicate the experience of opening a birthday gift when a customer receives their package, you’ll impress them and keep them coming back to your shop for more. Read more: custom printed hairspray boxes

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