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How to Buy a Crystal Stone Necklace

In recent years, alternative medicine, New Age beliefs, mindfulness, and yoga have grown exponentially in popularity. With it came renewed interest in crystal healing – the belief that certain crystals give off certain energies, and thus can be used for a variety of therapeutic applications.

Whether or not you’re interested in the healing energies of certain jewelry pieces, it cannot be denied that sporting a crystal stone necklace is a trendy and stylish choice for 2023. Here’s a quick guide on what to look out for if you’re interested in buying a necklace with crystals of your own:

Choose your crystal
There are hundreds of crystals that you can choose from, each with their own unique benefits. You can also choose crystals based on which ones look most appealing to you.

Quartz is one of the most popular crystals used in crystal healing, most commonly available in clear and rose variants. Clear quartz is a colorless type of quartz that is often given during a couple’s 10th wedding anniversary. Crystal healing enthusiasts value clear quartz for its purported ability to amplify positive energies.

Rose quartz is the name given to varieties of quartz that are pink in color. Considered to be the crystal of unconditional and universal love. Those who believe in crystal healing wear rose quartz to attract love into their lives and achieve emotional healing.

Amethyst is yet another attractive option. Crystal healing enthusiasts believe this violet-colored crystal to be a powerful and protective stone that can relieve those who wear it from feelings of anxiety and stress.

Choose a metal
By far, the most common metals used to make necklace chains are gold and silver.

In jewelry, gold is often available in three distinct colors: yellow, white, and rose. Yellow gold is an excellent choice for its ability to age well; you can be sure that a yellow gold necklace will remain stylish for years to come. Warm-toned metals such as yellow and rose gold also bring out the complexion of those who have warmer skin tones.

For those looking for a subtler and more fluid look, white gold or silver may be a better choice. Pure and stunning, these options work best for those with cool-toned complexions.

Consider the length
The length of the necklace can significantly influence how it “fits” you. Yes, it can be argued that all necklaces fit well, but length determines how the piece flatters you and complements your ensemble. Additionally, crystal healing enthusiasts believe that some crystals work better when they rest closer to certain areas of the body. These are guidelines that are worth keeping in mind when buying a crystal stone necklace.

Choker and princess length necklaces, which sit tightly against the base of the throat and on the collarbone, respectively, go well with almost any outfit. Matinee length necklaces, which rest between the collarbone and the bust, pair well with casual outfits and business attire alike.

Crystals such as rose quartz are best worn close to the heart, so choose a chain that allows it to rest just above yours. Meanwhile, amethyst crystals are best worn close to the head, so choose a shorter length for the chain.

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