Buying a car in Dubai can get you in the mood for long trips and traveling to work without the hassle of an open vehicle. However, it would also incur expenses for maintenance. Still, you shouldn’t worry too much about it because the tips below will help you cut down on the cost of car maintenance in Dubai.

High acceleration, rapid acceleration, and abrupt braking are the quickest ways to deplete your oil tank. Such aggressive speeding can reduce fuel economy by 15 to 30 percent. Also, safe driving keeps you away from the harsh fines issued by the UAE’s speed traps and is safer for you and other drivers.

Protection is one of the pricey costs associated with vehicle ownership, and it indirectly represents your total maintenance expenditure. Indeed, it is a lifeline when it comes to recovering from an accident or a serious failure with auto parts, but paying such protection payments on a regular basis might put a strain on your finances. Choose your protection packages with discretion and do not go overboard.

In the case that you are halted, turn off the engine. Depending on the size of the engine and the amount of air conditioning used, a vehicle can consume 1 liter of fuel every hour. Keep an eye out for the auto start-stop feature the next time you acquire a new or used vehicle, and undergo frequent car maintenance in Dubai. In the meanwhile, turn off your car engine when stopped or halted in rush-hour traffic. If you believe you need to keep the engine running in order for the air conditioning to last through the heat, limit engine start-ups to approximately one to two times per hour.

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