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How to Dress for Your First Formal Work Event

There’s nothing more fun than getting dressed for a party, but navigating the many different dress codes out there can be positively challenging, even for the most well-dressed woman. Formal work events can be extra stressful to prepare for, too–you’ll want to represent your organization well, and dress for the occasion in a way that reflects your status without sacrificing your personal style. Below are a few tips that can help:

Decode the dress code
Depending on the event you’ll be attending, you’ll most likely be faced with any of the following dress codes: business formal, semi-formal, formal, resort formal, cocktail, black tie… the list goes on. Here’s the lowdown on some of the most common ones:

Business formal is most often used for professional work events–think conventions, seminars, and summits. Here, you’ll want to show up as the best version of your professional self and convey a business-first impression, rather than one that’s festive or celebratory.

Semi-formal attire is called for when you’re invited to a celebratory event such as a holiday party. It fits somewhere between casual and formal, making it dressier than something you’d wear to the office, but not as dressy as a floor-sweeping evening gown. “Cocktail” can sometimes also fall under the semi-formal category, depending on the time of the event. If it’s before 6 p.m., you can wear something that’s more fun and creative. For night events, you’ll want to err on the more conservative side of things.

Formal dress is what you’ll be called upon to wear for award ceremonies, charity fundraisers, and other galas. Here, you’ll want an evening gown–typically floor length, though knee-length options can also work depending on the type of event. The tailoring matters, too: formal dresses call for fitted silhouettes, nothing flowy or drapey.

Accessorize thoughtfully
When choosing accessories for any formal event, it’s best to go with minimal yet impactful pieces. Choose jewelry that will add just the right touch of sparkle to lift your ensemble: a baguette diamond necklace from Suzanne Kalan is an excellent choice here. One of their bestselling options is the Classic Diamond Bar Pendant, available in 18 karat yellow, white, or rose gold. This baguette diamond necklace features 0.30 carats of baguette diamonds and measures 18 inches in length, though it can be adjusted to 16 inches to rest comfortably on your collarbone. It’s just the right accessory for the sophisticated woman with an elevated sense of style.

Looking for something more playful yet understated? The designer’s Frenzy Diamond Bar Pendant is another great option, available in 18 karat yellow, white, or rose gold, makes use of 0.67 carats of baguette diamonds in a whimsical seesawing pattern, further accentuated by 0.10 carats of round white diamonds.

Both of these baguette diamond necklaces have minimalist silhouettes that allow you to layer them with other pieces for a trendier look.

Don’t forget your scent
The scent you wear to your first formal work event can leave an indelible impression on others. For these occasions, you’ll want to go with something subtle and seasonally appropriate. Formal events in the summer call for lighter and fresher scents such as florals and fruits, while ones held during the colder months require warmer, spicier fragrances.

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