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How to Find the Best Nursing Bras For Large Breasts

Nursing bras are essential to any mom that is planning to breastfeed. These are special bras that should allow you to be comfortable during the process while still giving you the support you need. These bras are a bit tougher to fit due to the more specific needs of each mother, so here is how to find the best nursing bras for larger breasts.

Where should I buy nursing bras for larger breasts?
Anita Maternity has created a line of plus-size nursing bras that put functionality and comfort above all else. These nursing bras are made to fit every shape and style, keeping you comfortable when you have to nurse on the fly. Anita’s collection is made with breathable, soft material while still supporting your breasts, coming in a variety of cute designs that will make you feel confident.

How to fit a nursing bra
It can help to find a professional bra fitter. But there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to purchase a nursing bra online without any added hassle:

● Keep in mind that measuring your bra size is not an exact science but only a starting point to find your right size.

● Band Size: Measure straight across the back and below your breasts. Add approx. 2 inches and you’ll have your band size.

● Cup Size: Put on a simple, non-padded bra and then measure the fullest part of your breasts. Take the band size and subtract it from this number. The difference in inches will determine the cup size: ½-1” = A, 1-2” = B, 2-3” = C, 3-4” = D, 4-5” = E, 5-6” = F, 6-7” = G, 7-8” = H, 8-9” = I, 9-10” = J, 10-11” =K.

● Your band shouldn’t be riding up the back

● A bra that fits well shouldn’t dig into any part of your body

● No breast tissue should be spilling out from the top, side, or bottom of the cups

● Your band shouldn’t be riding up the back

● If you choose a bra with underwire, it should lie flat against your chest wall.

Nursing bra styles
There are a few styles of nursing bras to consider. Each one meets different needs so it’s best to consider each style and pick the one that makes the most sense for you!

● Soft Cup: These are stretchy and comfortable. This bra style is often used the first few weeks of breastfeeding, putting comfort over everything else.

● Padded Cup: No matter what size you are, a padded nursing bra is perfect for nursing mothers who want to conceal their nipples and even nursing pads for moms experiencing leakage the first few months.

● Sleep Bra: These more laid back bras are perfect for sleeping due to how soft and comfortable they are. These are great for wearing around the house when you just want to relax.

● Underwire Bra: Some women prefer underwire nursing because it holds the breasts in place if you’re planning on a more strenuous activity.

Nursing bra materials
The next thing you want to consider is materials. You want to pick a nursing bra that is breathable and comfortable. You should also consider a bra that keeps moisture down to avoid infections and discomfort.

● Cotton: This is an ever-popular choice because it’s lightweight, durable, and allows for proper airflow. This is a breathable fabric.

● Spandex: This is the most flexible fabric option, able to expand to fit any bra size and shape. But spandex isn’t as breathable as other options.

● Microfiber: This combines cotton and spandex. You’ll get firm support and proper airflow, making this a popular option to consider. Just keep an eye on synthetic material.

Now that you have a good idea as to what to look for in a quality nursing bra, the next step is to get one from a brand you trust. For this, we recommend Anita Maternity, as their selection, attention to detail, and quality hit all the marks. Visit their website today to browse through their selection of nursing bras for large breasts and other maternity wear.

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