Land Surveys vs Boundary Surveys: What’s the Difference?

There’s no question that land surveys are an essential part of any property-related matter.

The best land surveyors in Calgary, help property owners get the most accurate details about their properties with ease.

So, when property owners need to figure out which is the right survey they should go for, there are a ton of resources available. However, it is always essential to consult a land surveyor in the first place.

Here’s how a boundary survey differs from a land survey, and what are the details that surveyors and clients alike, need to keep in mind.

What are Land Surveys?
Land surveys can be considered to be an umbrella term for different types of new and traditional methods of measuring and identifying the features, elevations, different angles, human structures, and even the limits of a piece of property.

A general land survey or a topographic survey is conducted on a piece of land to determine the boundaries of a piece of land, along with the characteristics of the land.

A land survey can include almost all the information that one might need about their parcel of land. From what’s beneath the surface, to any natural features such as a river, tree, or even any city’s pipelines. It becomes essential when one might require more extensive information about their piece of land.

What are Boundary Surveys?
A boundary survey, as the name suggests, formally determines the boundaries of a property.

Many clients tend to opt for a boundary survey when they need to resolve a property line dispute, before selling or purchasing a property. It defines the corners of the piece of land. The surveyors tend to take measurements of the land and then might as well cross-check it with historical records or city records available at the time.

Compared to an extensive land survey, a boundary survey isn’t as detailed. Hence, it might take a smaller amount of time.

Boundary surveys are preferred by many in order to avoid any legal dispute in the future, and for peace of mind.

What’s the Difference Between Land Surveys and Boundary Surveys?
As explained above, land surveys include several types of surveys within themselves, and a boundary survey is a part of it.

When it comes to executing a boundary survey, it does not require the same degree of detail, and effort as an extensive land survey might. Although, one should take atleast a week or so into consideration when getting a boundary survey planned. This obviously largely depends on the size of the property too.

Technically speaking, boundary survey is somewhat like a land survey, only less extensive and detailed.

Now that you know the difference between a land survey and a boundary survey, it is quite essential to understand the importance of the two as well.

In order to determine what you need out of the two- boundary surveys or land surveys, getting in touch with a land surveying expert or company is always a good call.

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