Little Things You Can Do to Add Personality and Color to Your Living Room

The winter months are just over the horizon, and during those colder, darker months of the year, people look to their interiors for warmth and comfort.

It can be easy to fall into the doldrums during the winter, but you can also keep busy (and feel good about it) by infusing your living space with a little more personality and warmth.

And it can be easy, too – surprisingly easy. Consider some of these suggestions.

Decorate That LED Display Shelf
First up, if you have a display space or a lighted LED display shelf, don’t let that field lie fallow! It’s a perfect blank slate for you to decorate with candles, vases, figurines, artwork, picture frames, and so much more.

An LED display shelf that is empty will look cold and bare; simply filling in the voids can go a long way to fostering welcoming vibes.

Add Mood Lighting
If your LED display shelf already has warm LED lighting, you can use that for mood lighting (or swap out the bulb). Otherwise, you can simply upgrade your other fixtures with warm white LEDs or Edison filament bulbs to make the space feel warmer and more intimate.

You don’t need all new fixtures since you can just change the bulbs, but if you have a little extra space, adding a table lamp or a statement light can never hurt.

Don’t Leave the Walls Bare
Walls like display shelves, are also blank canvases for your creativity – and don’t think you need to hang a framed art print or poster.

That is a great idea, but you can also hang garlands, string lights, relief sculptures, and even tapestries on the walls.

Another suggestion is to mount sconces to the walls; these can be used to support lights, candles, and even small statuary.

Throws and Pillows
Adding texture to a space can also make it feel more alive, more welcoming, and much warmer. There are many ways you can do this, too.

Add some decorative, seasonally appropriate throw pillows to your seating. Place down a new area rug, especially one with a deep pile, since it’s almost winter.

You can also consider dropping a throw somewhere over your sofa or chair. These are highly versatile and can be draped over the backs of seating, over ottomans, and elsewhere as needed.

Create a Nook
Creating a cozy nook can also make a room feel warmer – at least a part of it. You can easily do this by picking a corner, adding a nice, comfortable chair (or rearranging the furniture), and then spice up the same corner with some nice effects.

Decorations, live plants, flowers, and artwork are all appropriate. You’ll also want a nice end or side table so you can enjoy the nook with refreshments.

And a little accent light or task light like a reading lamp or a candelabra won’t hurt, either.

Update with Long Curtains
It might seem counterintuitive to add longer curtains to the windows at this time of year when it’s already so dark outside, but there is some logic behind this suggestion.

One, you’re not getting a lot of natural light as is, so adding longer curtains won’t make too much of a difference there. In fact, it will make the space feel much cozier and more inviting.

Two, you lose a lot of heat through windows; longer curtains can help prevent that, and there are endless ways to customize the design of your interior with curtains.

Change the Hardware on Your Existing Furniture
Last but not least, one thing you can do to change the character of your home’s living spaces is to swap out the hardware on your furniture, such as on any chests, end tables, drawers, or elsewhere.

You’ll be surprised how much this can change the general tenor of a setting – and it is much more affordable than getting new furniture! Think of it like a new outfit for the fixtures that are already in your home.

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