Organic Traffic Down? You Need BigCommerce SEO Services

There’s nothing like a downward trend in organic traffic to make things feel stagnant and dead at your online store. Especially in certain industries, organic traffic is often the lifeblood that sustains sales figures throughout the year.

What happens when this traffic starts to dry up? It’s likely a sign you need to work on your search engine optimization. If you are on BigCommerce, the solution is finding the proper BigCommerce SEO services that can help you out of the slump.

Why Does Organic Traffic Dry Up?
This can happen for numerous reasons. One of the common reasons why organic traffic declines is due to less demand in the market for that item. Fewer searches means less volume and less people coming to your website. That’s less sales from organic.

How do you remedy this though?

The problem with decreasing organic traffic is that there is no real way to flip a switch to magically get it back. This may be an indication that something is wrong with your BigCommerce store or your marketing strategy as a whole – specifically when it comes to things like on page content, your backlinking strategy, internal links, alt tags, and other elements of SEO that can’t just be handled in a flash and without the right approach.

Why the Right BigCommerce SEO Services Matter
When it comes to digital marketing, there are no shortcuts (regardless of whatever you might hear to the contrary). With eCommerce SEO for instance, you need a custom strategy that takes into account everything needed in order to rank well in search engines. This includes targeting the right keywords and implementing those keywords on the right pages.

If you are like most online store owners, chances are you haven’t given much thought to your keywords or even why you rank for certain products but not for others. That’s OK! It takes professional eCommerce SEO experts years to develop the skills necessary to dig up this information and then act on it in a strategic way.

This is one reason why you can’t “replace” an SEO team with a single in-house marketer for instance. It just doesn’t work.

You need a team of BigCommerce SEO experts that can develop a sound strategy for you that covers everything from start to finish. Keyword research, target page implementation, long form content writing that is properly researched and optimized, technical updates, audits, and more.

If you have noticed a decline in your rankings, it might be time to make the switch and get the help of a BigCommerce SEO agency. Not sure where to begin?

BigCommerce SEO Services That Work
Not all SEO agencies are created equal, to say the least. For some, they are content with making a few technical updates every now and then and calling it a day. You may luck out and get results this way, but over the long term you are unlikely to be satisfied with the result.

This is where a veteran BigCommerce SEO agency like Genius eCommerce comes in and can really make a difference. Genius eCommerce is comprised of a team of true experts in SEO, that specialize in bespoke strategies that cover every industry in eCommerce and beyond.

They develop a strategy based around keywords that will actually make a difference for your bottom line, while helping to improve brand relevance as well. The best part? They are a full service eCommerce agency that also offers pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and consulting as well.

If you are a BigCommerce store owner perplexed by recent Google algorithm updates and looking for an honest solution to declining traffic and organic revenue, Genius eCommerce is who you want in your corner. We recommend getting in touch with them to discuss your specific marketing needs.

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