Over 4,700 conveyance deeds, authorisation slips issued under PM-UDAY till Feb 26

Delhi residents may apply online for ownership rights under the DDA PM-Uday Yojana. PM-Uday internet service registers all flats and homes in unlawful colonies. PM-Uday registration and register paperwork need a little charge, according to pm uday dda news.

According to sources, 40 lakh Delhi residents living in illegal colonies would get ownership of their homes and apartments under PM Uday awas adhikar yojana. People may also borrow against their homes and apartments. Before applying for PM-Uday Scheme,

learn about DDA-PM Uday Scheme, online registration, and the unapproved colony list. Call the PM-Uday customer support hotline if you have any questions about the unlawful colony registration procedure or the login process.

PM Uday Scheme?

Prime Ministers Unauthorized Colonies in Delhi Awas Adhikar Yojana is PM Uday Scheme. The Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha of Parliament enacted it to regulate colonies and provide worried inhabitants property rights. PM Uday awas adhikar yojana gives lakhs of households dignity.

If you live in an unlawful Delhi colony, you may be wondering how to claim ownership of your apartment or house. DDA PM-Uday Yojana was created for your issue. Delhi’s illegal colonists have ownership rights under PM-Uday. A platform was created to register properties and apply for ownership rights in prohibited areas.

The DDA prioritises PM-Uday Delhi. Anyone who needs more information about the PM-Uday plan should phone the PM Uday customer service hotline. Call our support number to get all the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana details. Discuss the PM-Uday registration procedure and associated paperwork.

Application Form Documents

If you wish to own a home or apartment, you must register for PM-Uday online with the required papers. DDA PM-Uday Yojana documents:

Receipt Sale agreement

Latest Ownership/GPA Electricity Bill Property Tax Mutation Document
Documentary proof of building before 1 January 2015. (Buildings)
Other ownership documents
These papers speed up PM-Uday registration. For questions on PM Uday illegal colony registration, call the helpdesk. Experts will answer all registration questions. If the PM Uday assistance desk is unavailable, call our hotline. We answer dda pm uday questions 24/7.

PM-Uday Signup

Online PM-Uday Yojana applications need registration. Register on DDA PM-web Uday’s site. If you have trouble applying for the PM Uday awas adhikar yojana, call the PM Uday DDA hotline. The specialists there will answer your questions and assist you complete the application. Due to high demand, the PM Uday support desk professionals might be hard to reach. If so, contact our support hotline and we will finish your PM Uday online registration for you. Now, PM-Uday online registration.

User Registration: First, input your contact information and property details.

Register for PM-Uday online here.
Complete the application and submit it.
After registration, you will get an acknowledged receipt with PM uday yojana registration number. Write or print it. Contact PM-Uday customer service for issues.
Web Forms:

After registration, connect to PM-Uday and fill out the application.
Sign in here or on the site by tapping “File Application.”
Enter your cellphone number and select “Send OTP”. Enter the code you get on your phone and the captcha code. Login to continue. Check your number and try again, or call PM Uday customer service.

You’ll be taken to PM Uday’s online registration. Contact PM-Uday customer service for issues.
A link on the right upper corner of the website lists the Empanelled agency for fitting Geo-coordinates of your house.

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