Saddest Video Games

Playing video games is more than just shooting enemies. A lot of video games have in-depth storylines and layered characters that we grow attached to as we play day after day. Some video games have even made us cry! Here are some of the saddest video game moments. If you’re using a portable gaming desktop, you may want to make sure you’re not in a cafe or somewhere else public when you start ugly crying!

The Last Of Us
This is a game you’ll want to start while you’re alone. Right at the beginning of this survival game, you will need to control Joel Miller as he tries to protect his daughter. But a soldier steps in and fires on Joel and his daughter, killing her. The talented performance from the voice actors makes this scene all the more impactful and heartbreaking.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
The Legend of Zelda games are probably not what you would think of when it comes to sad video games. But there’s a scene in the Twilight Princess that has left even the coldest gamers feeling shook. Midna is injured by Zant, cursing her into the realm of light. You see her starting to weaken as she fades away as cryptic music plays, creating a tough scene to watch.

Gears of War
While this game is largely seen as a violent shooter, there are two deaths that had FPS fans tearing up. Dom and Maria are childhood best friends, later getting married and starting a family. When an accident takes the lives of Maria’s children, she has herself exiled. Dom and Fenix look for her, finally locating her at the Locust’s prison camps where she had been tortured. At that point, she could no longer recognize Dom. Dom takes it upon himself to end her suffering and then sacrifices himself in order to kill the Locusts along with him.

Life is Strange
Life is Strange is emotional the entire way through, a story about a teenage girl using her time-stopping abilities to find a missing student with help from her best friend. Throughout, you discover more about each character’s life and see them change. At one point, Chloe gets paralyzed from overusing the time ability and explores some dark places within herself.

Red Dead Redemption
This incredibly detailed single player open world adventure is full of cinematic moments. One of the most emotional scenes is when John Marston must finally face his end. He stands alone, unarmed, as he is closed in on. No matter what you do to try and save him, John is gunned down. It’s a heartbreaking moment that leaves you feeling that you are partially responsible for his lost life.

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