Some of the Best Perfume Scents Worth Trying

All five senses help us experience the world fully, from seeing a beautiful sunrise on the ocean to hearing the waves lapping against the shore to smelling sunscreen to feeling the sand on your toes. We love smelling things, from food to fabric to flowers.

This is one of the reasons why exotic perfumes remain so entrancing. But what are the most popular scents out there that give perfumes their signature notes?

Here are some of the most commonly used and recognizable scents out there!

The sweet yet soothing smell of lavender is continuously one of the most popular thanks to its calming effects. It’s shown to reduce anxiousness and help people relax. It can even improve sleep. This is a scientifically proven benefit of breathing in lavender.

Vanilla is sweet, rich, and warm, making it one of the most impactful scents out there. Vanilla smells like comfort, making you think of warm cookies and summer flowers. It’s easy to see why vanilla is always considered one of the most desirable scents.

Pumpkin Spice
This easily recognizable scent makes people think of Halloween, pumpkins, fall leaves, and relaxing under the covers next to a warm fireplace with a cup of coffee. While we often relate pumpkin spice to fall, this is an enchanting scent that can make you smile all year round.

This distinctive scent is quite surprising. Sandalwood comes from a tree but this scent is not the average woodsy smell. It’s sweeter and smoother, making it quite unique. If you’re a fan of woodsy, spicy scents, check out Scent Split’s Oud For Greatness samples. It’s dark and smoky, reminiscent of a fun summer night around the fire with friends.

Mint is one of the most iconic scents out there, spicy and refreshing. You’ll think of gum, candy canes, and other comforting treats. Peppermint is quite popular as a scent due to its health benefits. It can help you sleep, improve your memory, and more, thanks to its kick of lively smells.

Roses smell like the best nature has to offer, a blend of honey, fruit, and leaves. It’s a strong smell that is one of the most distinctive of all the flowers. While roses are beautiful, their scent is another reason the flower is so favored when it comes to romance. Smelling rose will inspire love and passion.

It’s hard to resist the rich scent of chocolate. A blend of coffee bean and vanilla, chocolate is a sweet smell that’s sure to instantly inspire cravings. It’s a comforting smell that is decadent and playful.

After the Rain
Waking up after it has rained is one of the most refreshing feelings ever. Walking through the dewdrop-covered grass is relaxing thanks to the crisp air, watery ground, and the earthy smell it evokes. This is a scent unlike no other that will instantly make you feel comforted.

Fresh and Clean
Doing the laundry may be tedious, but the smell is addictive. The warmth of just dried sheets or the fresh smell of a shirt just out of the dryer is comforting and enjoyable. It makes you think of spring cleaning, feeling refreshed and renewed, and getting chores done. When you smell clean laundry, that usually means you’re done running around and can relax in your newly cleaned home.

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