Spruce Up Your Porch With These Design Ideas

Do you love to entertain, but are still wary about holding events indoors? Fixing up your porch can be a worthwhile endeavor! Doing so also instantly boosts your home’s curb appeal while also giving your family more livable space to enjoy. Here are a few ideas on how to transform your porch and make it more usable:

Hang a day bed swing
Having a porch swing is the dream of most homeowners, and making that dream a reality is easier than ever with Four Oak Bed Swings! You’ll surely find the perfect day bed swing for your porch in their extensive collection.

The All American Bed Swing instantly transforms your porch into an inviting seating area. Available in three sizes and a wide variety of colors and finishes, this day bed swing features roomy arm rests and can be optionally outfitted with cup holders or wine glass slots. It’s the best way to greet your guests with timeless Americana style.

Alternatively, you may want to check out The Buckhead. This is Four Oak Bed Swings’ most versatile offering, featuring easily removable and interchangeable sides. Even the backrest can be removed! The Buckhead can also be optionally outfitted with wine glass holders for relaxing evenings with your friends.

Invest in comfortable seating
Surround your day bed swing with comfortable seating, and you instantly have a space for entertaining guests that’s cozy and inviting! It’s best to avoid hard patio furniture and stick to outdoor furnishings that make use of soft cushions, then adding decorative pillows throughout to make your porch look even cozier.

Not sure how to theme the area? Consider taking inspiration from your interiors! Doing so promotes cohesion and flow. Pick out a couple of colors and materials that you use throughout your home and use those same elements on your porch.

Improve the lighting
One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make with regards to lighting certain spaces is choosing lights that are too small. This results in poor lighting conditions, with bulbs that throw off only a bit of illumination. As you can imagine, the light fails to cover the entire area, leaving some spots dim.

Improve your exterior lighting by making sure that they scale appropriately. You can also replace any regular lights with statement drop lights so that you can stay out with your guests long after sunset.

Add season-extending features
Features that can simulate or extend the seasons are great additions to porches, especially if you intend to use them for entertaining. Consider installing a fire pit or scattering heat lamps around the space if you like having guests over during the colder months; if you live somewhere hot, you may want to add ceiling fans or misting systems to your porch for those lazy, drowsy summer days.

Make your dream of having a beautiful porch come true today by visiting Four Oak Bed Swings! Their products have been featured on HGTV and Bravo. In addition to day bed swings, the company also sells cushions and accessories to complete the look.

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