Surprising Enhancements To Shopify App You Must Know In 2022

Shopify is continuously enhancing its capabilities, functions, features, and tools for business websites. Therefore, it continues to rule the online marketplace without losing out its coveted position to any other ecommerce website building platform. Here are some interesting and surprising enhancements to the Shopify platform every ecommerce entrepreneur must know. Contracting a good Shopify maintenance company Silicon Valley is a great way to get the best out of the latest enhancements on the platform.

Shopify App Store makes apps powered by discount functions available
In the Shopify App Store, it is now possible to publish the apps connected to order or product discount functions API. Developers can access functions to insert custom codes into the backend logic of Shopify. Order or product discount functions let you manage your discount promotions such as free gifts with purchases and volume discounts, configuring the same in the Shopify Admin.

Developers can opt for their own app store categories
Now Shopify allows categorizing your app after submitting the ass submission form. You can choose categories by choosing up to two tags from among the updated app categories that describe your function’s main app. If the capabilities of the app change eventually, you may appeal to change the app’s categorization.

Shopify supports themes with the latest updates
On top of migrating over the commands of themes, the latest updates in Shopify support a new kind of authentication method pertaining to theme commands on continuous integration or deployment portfolio to carryout actions like pulling, pushing, and publishing a theme. The latest developments in the platform ensure a streamlined theme experience to the developers.

Enhanced performance of the shipping app
In growing your sales and making way for more conversions, checkout function plays a big role. Hence Shopify’s latest enhancements ensure that during checkout, the shipping rates load quickly without any delay. This will help the developers pave the road to optimal checkout experience for customers in addition to quickening the return shipping options. Therefore, you may expect the shipping functions significantly improve on Shopify.

Receiving payments on iPhone with the Shopify POS
Those merchants selling in person can use the Shopify POS on their iPhones to accept contactless payments directly on their iPhones. This process does not need investing in any new hardware for the purpose. For the first time, this helps in breaking into in-person sales. Ultimately, this can give way to enhancing the way they sell personally anywhere and anytime.

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