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When it comes to building a PC, it can seem a bit nerve wracking at first. Where do you even start? What parts do you need? Where do you get them? For that reason, a lot of gamers are turning to pre-built PCs and PC builders. CLX Gaming is the best gaming PC builder thanks to the powerful pre-built rigs and the amount of customization you can do from there if desired. Here’s everything you need to know.

Sometimes pre-built gaming rigs get a bit of a bad rap within the gaming community since it’s seen as an accomplishment and sign of knowledge to build your own PC. But for many gamers, a pre-built customizable PC is the best way to go for many reasons. Basically, CLX does all the hard work for you!

CLX has a very extensive online building tool that allows you to go component by component, picking the exact one you need for your specific requirements. This takes a lot of the guess work out of building a PC from scratch, since you often don’t know the compatibility of certain components that are all being purchased from different places online. They will even suggest components based on others you already selected.

Since you’re going through a single company, you can also reach out to computer experts on the customer service team to ask questions, get advice, or figure out what you need going forward.

What’s even more awesome, especially for the holidays, is that you can also adjust the aesthetics of your PC. This means you can make a pre-built customizable PC the perfect gift for anyone on your list that’s in need of an upgraded rig.

When your PC is delivered, you’ll get a carefully packed computer that’s basically ready to go. Just boot it up and start downloading software and games. This is a huge relief for people that don’t know how to build a PC or don’t want to pay someone to put it together. This also makes it even better as a holiday gift since your loved ones can open up and start gaming during their holiday break!

Best CLX Computers for the Holidays
Another reason CLX is the best gaming PC builder is that there are many rigs to choose from.

The Scarab computer is tiny yet mighty. It has the specs to support most popular games this holiday season but is still quite cost effective. The Scarab is a great choice if you are looking for a computer that is more portable, making it a great gift for your friend who hosts LAN parties.

CLX Ra is a luxury tower that has all of the high end components available. This is a computer that is immensely powerful and imposing. If you are a competitive gamer or know someone that streams the latest games for hours a day, this is the perfect upgrade.

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