Three Types of Name Labels: And Which Stick On Clothing Labels Are the Best

Every parent with young children knows that at one point or another, kids will lose or misplace one or two of their personal belongings. These can vary from the extra shirt that they bring to school, or their favorite toy or plushie that they take with them to daycare.

That’s why, for many parents, name labels are practically a must when it comes to taking care of your kids’ belongings. However, labeling every piece of clothing, toy, or plushie takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re using write-on and sew-on labels.

That said, there are better and faster ways to label your kid’s stuff without sacrificing the quality and durability of the name labels.

Three Types of Clothing Labels
There are essentially three types of naming labels that you can use on your kids’ clothes and belongings. Each one has specific advantages and disadvantages when it comes to how they’re applied and how long they’re able to last even after repeated washing.

Generally, all three types of labels these days are capable of withstanding multiple washes. That means, then, that the biggest factor in choosing which type of label to use on your kids’ clothing and belongings depends more on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into labeling.

1. Iron on clothing labels
Iron-on labels are applied through the use of heat from a clothing iron. These labels are more permanent than the others, as they bond with the fabric once they’ve been ironed on. Of course, ironing the labels onto each piece of clothing will take a bit of time and effort. However, you can be certain that once you’ve placed the labels onto your kid’s clothes, that there’s very little chance of them coming undone.

2. Sew on clothing labels
Sew on clothing labels are usually small patches or strips of cloth that you have to sew onto a clothing item. One good thing about sew on patches is that they’re one of the most-likely types of labels to stay stuck onto your kid’s clothes even after repeated use and washing.
The only disadvantage you have with sew on labels, though, is that you’ll need a sewing machine to get them attached quickly. Without a sewing machine, you’ll just end up sewing them by hand, which can end up occupying a lot of your time.

3. Stick on clothing labels
Lastly, there’s stick on clothing labels. At first, these sound as though they’re the lowest quality of the three types. However, stick on labels have come a long way in terms of both their staying quality and their adhesive quality. A lot of stick on clothing labels these days have quite a long life. Best of all, they’re the easiest to attach to your kid’s clothes!

Must-Label Personal Items
Now that we’ve covered the three types of clothing labels, it’s worth writing out a checklist of the other things that may need labeling in preparation for your kid’s entry into school or daycare. Here’s a shortlist of items to consider:

● Shoes

● Caps

● Bags

● Water bottles

● Lunchboxes

● Pencil cases

● Notebooks

Making sure all of your child’s belongings are properly labeled will certainly help to prevent lost items and other mishaps.

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