Two Things You Actually Need to Know Before Buying Golf Shafts Online

Golf shafts are a little bit like clothing. No two shafts will “fit” the same individual in the exact same manner.

But whereas clothing has cut, fit, and size, golf shafts have weight, length, stiffness, kick point, and torque.

Sometimes, it’s best to “try on” a golf shaft before you buy it – the same with clothes. This can complicate the process of buying golf shafts online.

Unless you know these critical metrics.

Your Measurements
This is the easy one. If you’re going to buy golf shafts online, you absolutely need to know your measurements. This will enable you to settle on golf shafts that are appropriately sized for you.

Even if you know your swing speed and tempo, gambling on size can set you with a shaft that’s too long or short – and guess what, that will cause shot errors, like thin and fat shots.

Fortunately, once you know your measurements, you’re pretty much good to go, since they won’t change much if at all over the course of your playing career.

Your Swing Speed and Tempo
Next and equally as important (if not much more so) you need to know something about your swing speed and tempo.

Most golfers have swing speeds between 85 and 105 MPH, with a few golfers on the lower end near 75-85 MPH and a couple “pros” around 105 or 110 MPH.

No, you do not need to know your exact swing speed, but you need to be able to get a pretty good estimate.

The reason for this is that your swing speed will determine what sort of shaft stiffness is appropriate for you.

Players on the higher end of the spectrum, with faster swing speeds, generally gravitate towards shafts with higher stiffness ratings.

Conversely, players with slower swing speeds tend to appreciate the loading and forgiveness of more flexible shafts.

More flexible shafts load more efficiently and can help players with slower swing speeds reach greater ranges and control shot dispersion. For a more experienced player with a higher swing speed, flexible shafts might feel “whippy” and inconsistent.

Similarly, torque rating and kick point, which are tied to stiffness rating, are also determinants of the suitability of a shaft. Players with faster swing speeds usually prefer shafts with low torque and high kick points; the opposite is true for golfers with slower swing speeds.

This is one of the reasons it’s so important to understand your swing speed before shopping for golf shafts online. It’s like knowing your size before you shop for a jacket.

Now, for tempo. Tempo is not about how fast you swing, but “how you swing fast.” Players with high swing tempos tend to accelerate rapidly through the backswing and transition. Players with slower tempos are more fluid.

It is important to note that tempo, though related to swing speed, is not determined by it.

Knowing both of these swing metrics can help you determine a shaft that is not only flexible (or stiff enough) for you, but which has the appropriate level of forgiveness.

Don’t Know Them? Work with a Fitter (Then You Can Buy Golf Shafts Online)
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