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Understanding Costs Associated With Land Surveying in Calgary

Property transactions involve humongous amounts of money. Real estate deals are complicated and tedious in addition to being highly cost-inducive. This makes it a rational choice to hire the services of a Calgary land surveyor.

Getting in touch with a trusted, expertized and affordable land surveyor in Calgary is a must. Nevertheless, before that, one must gain sufficient knowledge about the probable costs associated with the process.

What Is A Land Survey?
Having read too much material online, it is easy to interpret that a land survey involves a formal inspection of a property’s boundaries. That includes at the least assessing what is and what is not included within the boundaries of a property.

What Does A Land Survey Help Accomplish?
By undertaking detailed land surveys, one is able to clearly demonstrate the land one owns to prevent any encroachment issues, and other disputes with neighbours. Also, it helps to ensure that all municipal bylaws are appropriately followed.

When Does One Need A Land Surveyor?
One needs to hire a land surveyor in Calgary when buying or selling any piece of land. Land surveyors play an integral role when constructing a new property, adding structures to an existing building as well. Especially, if the purpose is buying or selling residential land, people might want to get the task done cost efficiently.

What Is The Cost Involved In Hiring Land Surveyors?
Hiring surveyors in different parts of Canada can be associated with varying costs. In Calgary, the process of land surveying involves tasks such as getting licences approved, creating RPRs, among many others.

Having open discussions with prospective land surveyors about the probable costs involved is a wise decision. Gaining in-depth knowledge about the following factors can prove handy –

1. Travel and accommodation costs

2. Application, endorsement, approval or record searching fees

3. Fieldwork costs

4. Compliance stamp costs

To understand the financial costs that a land survey might bring along, let us have a glance over the different processes and requirements to accomplish a successful land survey:

Costs Associated With Real Property Report (RPR)
The first requirement is an updated real property report (RPR) with City of Calgary compliance stamp. The price of such reports depends on the land surveyor and factors such as the size of the property. Most usually, it takes around 2 weeks for completion of an RPR. Certain land surveyors also offer a speedy delivery of such legal reports in case of urgencies (with higher costs of course!).

Nevertheless, the price starts at approximately $550 for a small property, and continues to rise for larger properties and estate-sized homes.

CORE Geomatics
CORE Geomatics is a trusted brand in Calgary (and 8 other locations) offering best in class land surveying services for more than 10 years. You can lay a blind bet on the brand for its innovative end-to-end solutions within budget as per individual needs. Affordable land surveying becomes a possibility with an experienced team powered with the latest technologies.

Get in touch with the company’s team of land surveyors in Calgary to get the best quotes today!

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