We Found the Best Magento SEO Company For Results in 2023

If you’re looking to create a successful online store for your business, there are an abundance of e-commerce platforms to choose from. One of the best is Magento, which allows small business owners to create online stores using open-source technology. Once you have a site set up, however, you’ll want to use this top Magento SEO company to create a successful and popular online store.

What is Magento?
Magento allows small business owners to fully customize an online store from its looks to its functionality to its content. There are tons of useful tools and features that can further improve your online store, like marketing and catalog management. It’s easy to understand and you’ll be creating a personalized, engaging site in no time.

How many stores are on Magento?
Around 200,000 sites use Magento. This is far less than platforms like Shopify, which have millions of users. But Magento is catching on thanks to its advanced features and powerful conversion tools. No matter what size business you have, Magento is a great place to get started. But once you’ve created a site, you’ll need to find a Magento SEO company to expand your reach.

What is the best Magento SEO company?
Genius E-Commerce is an advanced Magento SEO company that has tools and strategies made specifically for Magento-based online stores. Genius E-Commerce manages Magento sites on a regular basis, creating comprehensive SEO campaigns from scratch for each client. There are no pre-packaged plans at Genius E-Commerce. A good Magento SEO company knows that every company has its own industry standards, budgets, and goals.

So how does Genius E-Commerce do it?

On-Page SEO
Their team will fully optimize your Magento site to bolster your site’s authority. Using impactful meta descriptions, keyword research, and quality content, Genius E-Commerce will ensure that Google recognizes the strength and trustworthiness of your site and pushes you to the front of the search. But they will also make your site more user-friendly, inspiring more purchases and return customers.

Extensive Backlinking
Well-implemented backlinks are part of Genius E-Commerce strategy. This extensive process will create links to your most expensive or popular products, creating more authority in the eyes of Google. With the right backlinking strategy, you’ll find yourself higher up in most searches.

How much work is an SEO campaign?
A proper Magento SEO campaign will take some time. Campaigns are customized to your site’s specific needs so the amount of work varies. But optimizing a website and creating a powerful strategy can take a few weeks.

How long will it take to see results?
After the first few weeks, you can expect to see some results. But you won’t see significant change right away. The results you get (and when) depends on how much work your site takes to optimize and what needs to be done to improve your online business. The goal is always to get your site at the top of Google searches but the amount of effort this takes depends on your products, your keywords, and your website’s quality.

Why use Genius E-Commerce?
Genius E-Commerce doesn’t do pre-made packages. Every SEO strategy is based on your site’s specific needs and goals. They have a team of dedicated experts that will spend all of their time optimizing and improving your site, creating killer content, and using their Magento insight to drive sales in unexpected ways.

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