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What You Must Know About Commercial Electrical Services

In several ways, ‘commercial electrical services’ are different from residential electrical services. The kind and scope of the electrical works the former type of companies do distinguish them from the latter. When you will want to know the reasons to hire commercial electrical services, this article will help you understand what the commercial electrical services do.

What is common between both these types of electrical services is that they are capable of powering a wide range of electrical devices and appliances. However, these two are different from each other in several ways.

Scope of the work that commercial electricians do
Commercial electrical systems are much more complex than the residential systems. Commercial properties are larger in size than the single residential homes. Therefore, commercial properties require extensive electrical work to power the facility adequately.

In majority cases, those that are qualified to work on residential systems only will not be competent to work on commercial electrical systems. To get the best results across your commercial electrical works, you must ensure you work with qualified electricians who are trained to undertake works on commercial electrical systems.

Because of this, those who are qualified to work on residential systems may not necessarily be capable of working as commercial electricians. To ensure your business is getting the best electrical system possible, it is important to work with a qualified electrician who has experience in commercial settings.

Power requirements differ
Majority of residential properties make use of single phase electricity. In this case, all of the wiring done in a home is fed by a single wire connecting it to the utility and supplies 120/240 V. some electrical appliances like the air conditioner require the higher 240V. However, that is an exclusive requirement faced only by a few appliances. On the other hand, in commercial installations, the power requirements are not extensive. It is necessary that the commercial electricians must be familiar with three phase wiring. In this system the wiring consists of three legs connecting with a higher voltage utility of either 120/208V or 277/480V. This kind of wiring is more complicated and hence must be done by professional deputed by commercial electrical services.

Why do businesses need commercial electrical services
Often, several businesses do the mistake of sticking with a residential electrician who they are already familiar with when it comes to entrusting their commercial electrical works. Know that it certainly makes a big difference to hire commercial electrical services for such tasks. Commercial electricians have an exclusive training needed to undertake commercial electrical works.

Powering your business is a very important task and you must make sure you are hiring the right electrical company to work on your job. Though a residential electrician will be able to work on some commercial electrical works, they will be of little help when it comes to attending on some complex tasks. In ensuring that your business gets the right type of power and connections it needs, the role of a commercial electrical services company cannot be overlooked.

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