Women’s Ice Fishing Gear: Thoughtful Gifts for Lady Ice Anglers in Your Life

Christmas makes the perfect time to give ice fishing gifts since both of them take place in the winter.

And, with barely two weeks to go, it’s time to step if you’re looking for women’s ice fishing gear for a lady ice angler in your life. Any of the ice fishing equipment and accessories would make a thoughtful gift!

Jigs, Jigs, Jigs
Ice fishermen burn through jigs the way surfcasters burn through soft plastics. Snags and break-offs make jigs an unfortunately expendable addition to the general assortment of ice fishing tackle.

It’s best if you know what species the angler in question targets, but ice fishing jigs and spoons from Rapala, Northland, Eagle Claw, Bay de Noc, Acme, and Sitka are all perennial favorites and can be used on their own or tipped with cut bait to entice a bite, making them highly versatile and a sure-fire bit of tackle.

Jig/Tackle Boxes
While some ice fishermen doubtless use conventional tackle boxes, ice fishing jig boxes are more practical because they have smaller compartments that are better for keeping ice fishing jigs organized. Some of them even feature slots or anchors which will not only hold more jigs but keep them from getting tangled (the bane of any fishermen).

You could also give an ice fishing bucket with a caddy or a bucket topper, as many ice fishermen and women use these, too.

Portable Ice Shelters
Portable ice shelters are also highly thoughtful gifts for ice fishermen and can be highly practical. Insulated and durable, they can keep the worst of the elements out.

Eskimo is one of the biggest players in this market. They make (relatively) light and durable portable shelters, and most models can be found online for a few hundred dollars.

Gloves also make great gifts for lady ice anglers – as they do for all anglers. One thing you can count on in ice fishing is the cold.

A quality pair of gloves (or mittens) will go a long way toward comfort on the ice. Two great options are merino wool fingerless gloves (wool maintains up to 70% of its thermal insulative properties when wet) because they offer greater dexterity and flip-top mittens which give the user the option of exposing or covering the fingers as needed.

Hand Warmers
If you need a cheap, practical stocking stuffer for an ice angler, get him or her a tub of hand warmers. These might be affordable, but they are worth their weight in gold.

Women’s Ice Fishing Gear and Clothing, Designed by Women, for Women
Ice fishing clothes, such as ice fishing suits, jackets and bibs, and base layers can also make practical gifts for lady ice anglers. Shop at DSG Outerwear online at DSGOuterwear.com.

Their women’s ice fishing gear is designed by women, for women, for fit, durability, comfort, and style. They’ve refined the fit for women by bringing in models, measuring customers at shows, and weighing customer feedback. If you need women’s ice fishing apparel, they are the first place you should check.

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